Clouds spray

Clouds spray

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    Super-concentrated perfume for rooms and fabrics with sanitizing action

    Available in the fragrances: White Musk / Talc / Cotton Flower / Lavender / Vanilla and Cashmere / Fern / Lotus Flower / Jasmine / Citrus Fruits and Orange Blossom / Argan.

    You are made with natural essences of the highest quality, free of toxic and carcinogenic substances, which make it persistent over time and suitable for perfuming all your environments and surfaces, fabrics and curtains, your home, your car, and for various uses.

    Its unique formula with a sanitizing action eliminates bad smells, spreading elegant and refined perfume notes.

    Also ideal for cleaning and dusting furniture, fixtures, kitchen countertops, stainless steel, bathrooms, and various objects, reviving potpourri, vacuum cleaner filters, dehumidifiers, water for irons... leaving a pleasant scent.

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