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How We Discovered This Product… A Love Story Was Born.

Together with our children, we’ve had the pleasure of travelling to Italy for several, unforgettable holidays. Italy is a stunningly beautiful country. Its breath-taking views, mesmerising architecture and delicious cuisine are infamous, but the country’s aromas can be an equal part of the adventure. Some triggering old memories, others creating new ones…

During one of our holidays, as we strolled through the streets of Tuscany, we suddenly noticed an incredibly delicate, fresh smell lingering in the air. A fragrance that was incomparable to any scent we had ever experienced. The delightful aroma tickled our senses and there was something so enchanting about it… so refined and delightful that even our children’s noses perked up in wonder. Drawn like moths to a flame; off we went to investigate.

Our eldest daughter was the first to see it. Behind an old Tuscan farmhouse, freshly cleaned laundry was hung out to dry. The warm wind blew softly, making the laundry dance gently in the sunlight. The soft yet energetic and fresh fragrance of Cotton Blossom was carried by the breeze, giving the surroundings an indescribable fairytale experience, stopping us in our tracks.

After a bit of inquiry and research we found out where the scent was made. In Milan by likeminded people with a heart for the world and nature! This could not be a coincidence. It had to be kismet. We bought several bottles and took them home to try. We’ve been big fans ever since. We can no longer go without it and with us, many thousands of people in the Netherlands and Italy. We have acquired the exclusive dealership for the UK market to share this amazing product with many more!

Try it yourself, you won’t just be amazed for several days… the scent will have you basking in Italy’s La Dolce Vita for several weeks due to the micro encapsulated scents. With each friction of the fabric, an irresistible, delicate fragrance will be released.

Every day, every basket of laundry, every moment…

A little bit of luck in a bottle!

Jeroen & Lenneke